Name Change Form

Important Note :

1) Members shall get retired as & when they complete 55 years of age & Deposit amount shall be refunded to them within a quarter.

2) As all the members do not inform us their change of Address, hence the address on our record is taken here. Plz inform us, for any change in Res.City/Address, so as to contact them in case of any Requirements of family data & also for updation of our records.

3) Similarly for few Female members,who have already married in last 8-10 Yrs, Plz send the Marriage certificate with change of name,, New Address & change in nominee

in new request Form (after Marriage) which shall help us to cover for PA Death Insr. under new name . All such details are still awaited for many female members.

4) For registration of New Female members (married in last 10 years, including Inter-caste Marriage,) Plz fill up details of her Father/Grand Father's name

surname/VP no /Res City Application Form to verify & avoid duplicate entries

5) Membership nos from 0001 to 3999 are of Rs.1,000/- deposit & balance from 4001 onwards are of Rs.2,000/- Deposit.

6) New Born Babies & Marriage details in Last 8-10 yrs are to be added for each city of residence, as Latest datas are still under preparation, till new VP got printed out.

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