Introduction - "KDO Social Security Scheme"
The Scheme was started in 1990 by some intellectuals from K.D.O. The Scheme is exclusively meant for K.D.O Jain Gnatijan's. This is one of the cheapest Insurance Scheme wherein due to uneventuality if an insured family member expires, the scheme provides some relief in times of financial crisis to the bereaved/needy family for that period particularly. This is a well managed scheme operated by committee members of K.D.O from all over India. This Association is an Independent Body & isnot attached to any Ekkam or Mahajan. At present more than 8,500Gnatijan's have become member of this Noble scheme & 229 member's family have been benefited from the scheme on their death and nearlyRs.1.19 Crore have been given to the appointed nominees of the expired member. This amount, though looks tiny, but has been found to be most valuable to the bereaved family.

(NB: The above figures are upto 01/05/2011 only)
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Important Note :

1) Members shall get retired as & when they complete 55 years of age & Deposit amount shall be refunded to them within a quarter.

2) As all the members do not inform us their change of Address, hence the address on our record is taken here. Plz inform us, for any change in Res.City/Address, so as to contact them in case of any Requirements of family data & also for updation of our records.

3) Similarly for few Female members,who have already married in last 8-10 Yrs, Plz send the Marriage certificate with change of name,, New Address & change in nominee

in new request Form (after Marriage) which shall help us to cover for PA Death Insr. under new name . All such details are still awaited for many female members.

4) For registration of New Female members (married in last 10 years, including Inter-caste Marriage,) Plz fill up details of her Father/Grand Father's name

surname/VP no /Res City Application Form to verify & avoid duplicate entries

5) Membership nos from 0001 to 3999 are of Rs.1,000/- deposit & balance from 4001 onwards are of Rs.2,000/- Deposit.

6) New Born Babies & Marriage details in Last 8-10 yrs are to be added for each city of residence, as Latest datas are still under preparation, till new VP got printed out.

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